Payment Methods:

Flat fee

The amount of remuneration is fixed and covers a certain range of tasks to be performed by us.

Hourly wage

Remuneration is calculated according to the amount of time devoted to the case. The rate for one hour of the lawyer's time is always set individually.

Mixed slary

The amount of remuneration of the Law Firm is determined in the form of a lump sum, with the working time of the lawyers of the law firm. In the case of exceeding the fixed time limit of our working time, the value for working time over the limit is added to the lump sum.

Flat fee + succes fee

The compensation of the Law Firm in this model consists of the lump-sum fee charged for accepting the order and the success fee, ie obtaining the result of the case in accordance with the Client's expectations. The premium for the result is always determined individually and covers a certain commission calculated on a case-by-case basis.

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